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Video: Precipitating gold with Stump Out

Here is great video showing how to precipitate gold from Auric Chlorine Solution. Thanks to Kevin from gold refining forum for sharing this video.

Two ounces of gold has been dissolved in Aqua regia on this video. Stump Out is sodium metabisulfite, powder that is used for precipitate the gold from the Auric Chloride solution.

Ice cubes are made from distilled water and they are used to keep solution cool while gold has been precipitated.

On this video you can see how to test is there still gold remaining in the solution. Stannous chloride is used to test is there is gold left in the solution.

First test, with reaction shows that there is still gold that has not been precipitated. Second test with no reaction shows that all gold has been precipitated.

On the end all its necessary is to leave solution to settle. Wash it few times, dry and melt gold powder into coin or gold bullion.



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