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Scraping gold from computer motherboard

gold inside motherboardComputer motherboard can be recycled for gold and other precious metals. Here we will explain how to collect gold out of PC motherboard.

When we talk about gold inside motherboard it is good to know that gold is in most cases plated which means that gold is present on the pins on the motherboard. Almost every pin inside is gold plated and first step for scraping gold is to take pins out of motherboard.

You can remove these pins with hot air blower (blowlamp) with easy. In fact with blowlamp you can remove every part of motherboard and then collect parts that contain gold.

Take a look at this video where is shown how to remove parts from motherboard:

When you look for gold parts inside motherboard take a special care for processor socket. Every pin under plastic housing is gold plated and there are lots of pins. They are hardly to remove with soldering iron and blowlamp is the way to do that job.

Almost every slot on the board contains gold plated pins. Memory slot contains a huge number of pins and all of them are gold plated. These pins are covered with plastic which you can easily remove and then take pins out.

AGP and PCI slots are gold mines as well. Under the plastic housing there are pins covered with gold.

IDE connectors have gold plated pins inside, floppy drive connector also. These connectors are similar with jumper connectors which mean that these are gold plated as well. With new generation of motherboards S-ATA standard has come and IDE is not present anymore. There is a lot less of gold in S-ATA then inside IDE but it is still worth for recycling.

When you are done with removing all kind of slots on the motherboard take a look on the connectors for integrated peripherals.

Every each one of these is gold plated. LPT connector contains a lot of wires which you can easily remove and then you can see that every tip is yellow. Yellow color represents a gold layer on the base metal and that is amount of gold that you can dissolve.

If you look closely then you will see that every pin is actually gold plated. Remember to remove all connectors like VGA, COM, LPT, USB etc…



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