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Reverse electroplating process for gold recovery

Reverse electroplating gold recyclingCollect all gold plated pins that you want to remove gold from. These pins can be found on the motherboard, cell phones and this kind of electronic devices. With this method you can also remove gold from plated jewelry.

Before you start the recycling process make sure that there is not so much other materials which does not contains gold at all. If you want to dissolve gold from pins make sure that you remove parts from these pins which are not gold plated. Also if there are CPU’s with gold on them make sure to remove ceramic parts or other materials for better efficiency in reverse electroplating process.

Because in this process you must use acids it is important to take safety precautions. Make sure that you have rubber gloves and if it is possible wear goggles or a face shield.

For reverse electroplating it is necessary to use chemical solution. This chemical solution servers as a bath that helps in gold dissolving process. Best known chemical bath for reverse electroplating is a mixture of three different acids with ratio 70-15-15 percent of each. Take this ratio in this order together with acids sodium cyanide (NaCN), sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium meta nitro benzene sulphonate (C6H4NO5SNa). Pour these chemicals into a glass dish and stir them together with a glass wand.

This method of dissolving gold requires power source. Best solution for power source is to use car battery charger. Make sure to have alligator clips on the end of the both wires, the positive and negative one.

Connect negative wire to some stainless steel piece which will be cathode. Just plunge cathode into the solution and connect it with negative terminal from battery charger.

Positive wire leading represents anode and it must be connected to the gold plated items. You can make a copper dish in which you can put all gold plated items to make good connection for electric current flow. Plunge these gold plated items with anode into the solution and connect it with positive terminal from battery charger.

After you have done all these things take the power ON and wait for the electrochemical process to carry out. The gold will receive a positive charge and it will be dissolved by the electrolyte solution in the bath.

Reverse electroplating process has a opposite way for attraction and the gold will move from plated materials to the cathode which is made by stainless steel. When this process comes to the end take the power source OFF and remove cathode from the bath. Let the cathode dry and peel of the gold layer. Gold can be peeled off of the stainless steel with easy and collected aside. When you collect enough of gold pieces you can melt them into one gold button or gold bullion and sell it.



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