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Reverse electroplating for gold recycling without using chemicals

recycling goldHere is the first experiment that is made by Goldinpc.com website. In this video we have demonstrate how to extract gold from gold plated pins that we have found inside personal computer without using any dangerous chemicals.

This process is called reverse electroplating.

Power supply gives us 12V and 3.5 amperes DC electricity which is enough for the experiment.

Anode in this experiment is a piece of stainless steel which is the place where the gold should be going. It is important to know that anode is connected to the negative wire.

Positive wire goes to the gold plated pins which represents cathode.

Both anode and cathode are plunged into the mixture of water, salt and bit vinegar. Salt is used for better current flow and vinegar helps us in process of dissolving gold.

Reaction that you can see on this video is the real reverse electroplating process. Current flow do the trick, gold from gold plated pins goes to anode (at least we hope so) which leaves these pins with just a base metal in our case it is copper.

This is just a small example of how reverse electroplating process works. Later on we will demonstrate real thing with a much more gold inside and we will try to explain every step of the recycling process.

Hope you will enjoy our video.



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