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Recycle gold from PC

recycle pc for goldRecycling old computers is environmentally responsible, but it is also a good way to earn some cash for gold from it. An old computer has been made in some small percentage from gold. There you can find some other precious metals also but gold is most famous and most valuable element from computers.

Like there is a case for any recycling operation it is important to separate base materials in categories. If you are seeking for gold then it is best to separate components with gold inside them.

Most valuable components for gold that you can collect are:
Motherboardtake a look where you can find gold on the motherboard
CPUold CPU’s have high yield for gold
Cards like network, VGA, sound, modem etc
Memory cardsgold is located on the pins
Connectorsconnectors on the motherboard are gold plated

When you have separate all these components than it is time to call refining company and ask them to give you their offer for scrap. Take a multiple calls to see which company will give you the greater offer.



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