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How you can recover gold from old motherboards using do-it-yourself methods

gold boardsGold in general have chemical symbol Au and it is used in manufacturing electronics, specially the cell phones and computers due to its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to oxidation, and inalterability. The computer industry uses several hundred tons (318 tons in 2003, for example) of the element every year.

This precious metal (Gold) is found in almost all computer components, like processors, motherboards, extension cards, memory DIMMs, and so on. Of course, the amounts used in each part are in small percentage, but with the price of gold skyrocketing in recent years, it’s becoming more and more economically valuable to recover it from old electronic and computer components than to mine it. That’s why specialized companies have sprung up to do just that.

Today, we’re going to show you how you can recover gold from old motherboards using do-it-yourself methods.

Please be aware: The chemicals used in this demonstration are extremely dangerous, especially in the concentrations used here.



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