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How to remove gold from computer parts?

gold platedRemove an old processor (or gold plated leads) from a computer board that is no longer needed. On the motherboard, look for the processor. It should be square with pine sticking out all the way around it.

Get a clean glass beaker. These glass beakers are carried by laboratory supply companies. Make sure that you wash and dry the beaker completely. Place the beaker into the fume hood and turn on the fume hood to vent the (filtered) fumes into a safe location.

Make sure that you are wearing all of your protective gear (goggles, chemically inert gloves, lab coat, etc). Put the processor into the beaker.

Add 50 milliliters of nitric acid to the muriatic acid. Beware of splattering or fumes that may emerge as the acid is added. The glass may get hot as chemical reaction starts.

Let the acid rest in the beaker with the computer processor (or gold-plated leads). Watch the beaker until the non-gold parts dissolve into the acid by keeping it locked in the fume hood and checking it over the next couple of days. The process will speed up with gentle stirring using a glass rod. You may occasionally add more nitric acid to help the process.

Decant (pour off) the solution into another beaker when you are confident that gold is all that is left in the original beaker. Take the “waste” solution (containing the dissolved parts) to the proper site so that you can dispose of it.

Use tweezers to remove the gold and put the gold into a bowl of distilled water. Stir to dilute the acid. Dump in your buffer solution to make sure that the acid is diluted in the bowl.



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