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How much gold is there inside CPUs?

Gold in CPUsPersonal computers contain many gold plated materials inside but one component is the most interesting to everyone who wants to scrap gold.

CPU is component with the biggest percentage of gold inside and it is mayor component when we talk about recycling of electronically waste. How much of gold can we found in some processor depends on which processor we talking about.

On the list down you can see approximately value of each CPU shown in grams of gold

Cyrix Cx486 processor contains about 0.11 grams of gold inside

Cyrix 586 processors have 0.25 grams of gold

IBM 5x86C processor contains about 0.1 grams of gold like 486 DX2-80 and i486 SX

I486 TX486DLC is a bit richer than those three above and it contains about 0.12 grams of gold

Intel Pentium MMX with black fibber and Intel Celeron with green fibber does not contains gold inside at all

Most valuable processors are

Pentium PRO with about 1 gram of gold inside

AMD-K5 PR133 contains 0.5 grams of gold



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