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Gold in personal computersAll personal computers have golden parts inside. That is a good reason for recycling computer parts and scraping gold from them. Gold comes in small amounts inside these parts but you must keep in mind one true fact, gold is very expensive material and it is worth to go for it.

When you start look for gold in PC take a special care for a motherboard recycling. Motherboard is main component of PC where all other cards can be connected. For that reason motherboard is filled with gold which means there is trully gold in PC present. When we say filled it does not means that you can find a whole ounce of gold in PC or one motherboard, but if you compare some other PC parts motherboard is a rich of gold.

Next good place for finding gold in PC is CPU chip. CPU’s are made of all kind materials but those pins on the bottom side of CPUs are made of golden layers. Because there are lots of pins on the CPU’s you can conclude that there is a good weight of gold on them and gold in PC in generall.

Memory cards have gold on their pins. Because there are so many pins and they must make a good connection with slot on the motherboard all those pins contains gold layer on it. Also gold can be found inside those memory slots on the motherboard. Again all this means that there is a lots of gold in PC.

To conclude all text above we can say that gold can be found on all places which are charge for making a good connection in between parts. Detailed process of finding gold inside personal computers you can found on this link.

Lets write some more about gold in PC’s and how to discover which CPU contains more gold inside.

CPU’s or computer processor unit contains gold plated parts on their pins and cooling surface. Some CPU’s even have inside parts covered with gold layer which can be removed and recycled. They are very accessible for recycling because of their small dimensions and easy of taking them apart. All you need is to crack the CPU and plunge these parts into acids. Gold will dissolve inside and there goes really good thing to extract gold from acids. More details about those acids and dissolving gold from PC you can find on this link.

When we talk about gold in PC especially for that gold inside CPU it is important to know how much gold some CPU contains inside. Not all CPU’s have same amount of gold inside. Some old CPU’s have a 50$ worth of gold inside and some new ones don’t even worth to recycle. To see a list of CPU’s and gold percentage inside them go to this link.

Every computer contains some amount of gold inside. The most precious thing when you are looking for gold in PC is scrapping that gold from processors, especially old ones. Another place to look for gold in PC is motherboard and cards that goes on the motherboard. A memory card contains lots of pins which are plated with gold for better adhesion. This also applies for memory slots on the motherboard and other slots this kind. Network cards are cheap and usually they don’t contain gold plated pins, but some may do so be careful when looking for gold in PC.

Graphic cards have gold plated pins. Gold layers can be found on the pins that goes inside PCI slot or other slot it depends on which card do you have. But when you want to recycle graphic card looking for gold take a look inside VGA or DVI connectors because those connectors have gold pins inside. This applies for VGA connector placed on the motherboard also.

Sound cards especial expensive ones have gold plated pins on the slot row and inside TRS connectors.

To recognize gold in PC watch for plated (golden) color materials. Some pins are covered with gold just on the top and some are all covered in gold. Gold in PC that you can see with your own eyes is just on the surface and there is another metal underneath. That is reason why you will need to separate gold from it. Even those pins with jumpers on them contain a small layer of gold, which means that every IDE connector contains gold on the pins. New computers uses S-ATA connector instead of old P-ATA but there is still gold in PC pressent.

Almost every part in PC is gold plated. It just needs to be recycled on the right way. Scrapping gold from these parts can be dangerous because you must use acids, but with extra care and money on your mind it is worth to try.



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